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Our relationship to the environment, to each other, and connection to our own true self can all be supported by our built environment.

David A Flannery

1317 Laurelwood Road
Kettering, Ohio
(937) 299-8453

Bachelor of Science-Engineering
University of Kentucky
Master of Architecture
North Carolina State University

David A Flannery, Architect
Established 1996
Ohio Registered Architect

*Architectural Design
   & Consultations
*High Efficiency 
  (Green) Strategies
*Commercial & Residential 
*New Construction &        

David Flannery, Architect Residential Design

David Flannery has been a member 
of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry since 1996, was on the Board of Directors for 5 years, and has won several CoTY Awards including the
​2015 Contractor of the Year.


CDG-Daycare/Ed Research
Designer for leading residential &

   commercial architects
Kettering Adult School Teacher:  
  Understanding the Design Process
  Before You Build 
  Tai Chi Chuan

Self-Employed since 1996

Favorite Quote: Events you cannot

change, but your attitude you can.

Recommended Reading:
The Well-Built House
    by Jim Locke
The Timeless Way of Building
A Pattern Language
   by Christopher Alexander
Places of the Soul
   by Chris Day
The Not So Big House
  by Sarah Susanka

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We create our environment, and then it creates us. In today's hyper-fast technological world what is missing are places that support our emotional needs for connection, for balance, for being.

We all need support. Our homes can support us if they are designed to allow rather the constrain the activities we need. This in turn, will enable us to truly support others.

By deeply listening and then identifying the patterns of your home and life, together we can discover what is missing and what needs modifying. I can then help you create your "dream home."