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Above all, an architect needs to be able to really listen to the client. 
--David Flannery, Architect Residential Design

This is David. He likes to design houses and other things.

David's path to becoming an architect started early but he got sidetracked and became an engineer. Always yearning for more artistic expression in his early 30's he eventually went back to school and became an architect. Seven years later he started his own firm!

   It’s a major event when you decide to add on, renovate, or create a new home or business building. Every owner, each building site, and all circumstances are unique to that place and those people and for an outstanding outcome each of the above factors must be properly taken into account. 

Communication skills, the ability to collaborate, and relevant experience are some of the attributes I bring to your design and building process.


Very few architects really understand the challenges of residential and small commercial work. I have 20 years of experience and 95% of my jobs are these types of projects.
Most Architects charge 10-12% of the construction cost because they work in the highly adversarial large commercial construction field. I understand the residential/ small commercial process and how builders work and can therefore offer outstanding services at a fraction of the typical price.
Designers often think they know best & want to impose their ideas on you. I listen to your needs and help you get the most out of your project. 
What contractor to use?  I’ll help you find a perfect match for your project.

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